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Janathon 2015 – The End


Janathon ended with a whimper rather than a bang. A couple of tired runs, a run in Hull with drivers shouting abuse and a drunk/addict trying to stop me so I could “borrow him some money”, a few more training runs, and then it was onto Country to Capital on …

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Janathon 2015 – Day 5: Gingerbread Man


A long day at work meant a long internal discussion on the merits of melting into the sofa versus stepping out into the dark for an easy 4 miles. Thankfully the thought of destroying my Janathon running streak won out and I threw my running clothes on before Sofa Dan …

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Janathon 2015 – Day 4: Keep Calm


That weird feeling when you’re back to work for the first working day of the year made stranger because I worked through the Christmas period but most of the office were back from an extended break. The customary exchange of “Happy New Year” with everyone, general chit-chat about Christmas celebrations, …

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Janathon 2015 – Day 3: Worms


Mrs Dan declared that I needed to be home, showered, and ready to go out for 10am. I calculated that a 10 mile run would get me home with 20 minutes to get changed and ready for shopping duties. I plumped for the same 10 mile route that I ran …

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Janathon 2015 – Day 2: Hell Freezes Over


Other Dan suggested Black Park parkrun this week because: It’s close enough to allow us extra time in bed. It was pacer day and he was going to try and help a friend go sub-20. We’ve run here before and we like the course. At 8am The Son casually mentioned …

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Janathon 2015 – Day 1: parkrun double


It’s that time of the year again – Janathon. The month to jog, log, and blog my way through the month. The running part is easy, it’s the blogging that usually catches me out. Best intentions and all that. New Year’s Day provides the opportunity to run at two parkrun …

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Janathon 2014 – Day 31: I Am the Walrus

An anticlimax as the rain falls down. My Janathon ended in a whimper and not a bang. THE PLAN called for… a rest day. That seemed a crap way to finish the month so I decided to switch days around and run an easy 3 miles and make the next …

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Janathon 2014 – Day 29: Hello, Goodbye

4 miles easy and runners don’t wave. A gentle 4 mile excursion on the Thames footpath on the Isle of Dogs during my lunchtime. There are plenty of other runners out at the moment (I don’t see any of them in the winter though… just saying) so I decided to …

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Janathon 2014 – Day 28: The Fool on the Hill

Night time hills. Day 2 of my running week and THE PLAN called for 8 miles total with 8 hill repeats. Mrs Dan had a work dinner meeting planned so I was home early to get some food in front of The Son and was then out on my run. …

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Janathon 2014 – Day 27: Christmas Time (Is Here Again)

Tentative steps, the wrong trainers and here comes the rain again. Finally! I laced up my runners and headed outside for my first run in just over a week. It was glorious to be outside again and running, even with a teeny-tiny cough still appearing every now and then. I …

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